I noticed last week that the picture hanging in the entry hallway was in need of replacement.
Somehow…over time…the print had started to wrinkle….and it looked kinda sad!
It was time for a change!
And of course….I didn’t want that change to cost an arm and a leg!
Besides….the frame was good and just the right size for that spot on the wall!
Here is my thrifty solution!
This is the fun APP for my iPad that turns photos into watercolors!

This is a photo of the Gulf Shore (Alabama) beach that I took when we were there in October.

Here is the “Waterlogued” version!

I had the print enlarged to a 16 x 20 poster for $17.00
I used white and blue matting and cut a double mat!
Seriously….I just can’t say enough about how nice it is to be able to cut my own mats!
The old frame has a bronze finish that compliments the print!
Not bad for under $25….and I “Used What I Had” besides!!!
Have a Great Day!