You can redo your cushions with this almost NO sew project!

I guess a lot of people are looking for ways to redo cushions without the cost of buying new or having them custom made at an upholstery shop!

Too funny…..but these box cushions that I posted about 3 summers ago are almost FAMOUS!

Seriously…..this post  about NO Sew Box Cushions consistently gets a hundred hits A DAY….go figure!

That is exactly the plight facing the Sweetwater Daughter this Spring.  
The cushions on the deck furniture had faded and had some serious sun rot!
The perfect project for “Almost No Sew Box Cushions”!
Steps for Perfect Cushions!
  • Measure and determine how much fabric you need!  The Sweetwater Daughter needed 10 yards because the project was to recover 2 chairs, a loveseat, and an ottoman!
  • Shop Smart!  We were able to find the perfect fabric at the store but even on sale it was $16 a yard….then we found it online for only $8…Yippee! 
P/Kaufmann Outdoor Hip Floral Sorbet 54″ Fabric
(Funny Sidebar…..this is the same print in a different color that I used for the Almost No Sew Shower Curtain in the upstairs guest bathroom!)

Back to the Deck Cushions…..
  • There is usually no need to remove the existing fabric on the cushions, but because these had welting, we thought it would be better.  We added some quilt batting to soften the edges.  Slip stitching the batting makes the cushion more stable.  (We had lots of help in this process from “Biggie Smalls”!)
  • Next it is time to cut the fabric to size with just enough overlap for a single seam.  This straight stitch on the back seam of the cushion cover is the NEW TRICK for the box cushion.  It saves a tremendous amount of time and makes a nice clean edge for the cushion.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, it can be done by hand…but the tube of fabric with the seam makes the job look pretty darn professional!


  • Slide the cushion into the tube of fabric leaving enough on each of the ends to make a turned in edge like you are wrapping a present.

  • Notice that the hand stitching is done with a curved needle.   This handy tool makes the job go so much easier!

The Finished Project

Don’t they look amazing?
Plus…..the Sweetwater Daughter and I had a fun time on a cold and rainy Spring afternoon!
And we did it for not much more money than a “fancy ladies lunch” in a restaurant!
and…..since then…
I have updated the cushions on the deck bench and the bench in the firepit!

I hope this inspires you to try updating your own cushions some time soon!
Have A Wonderful Day!