The Powder room at Sweetwater is little more than big enough to turn around in…..but it is on the main floor and handy….so I really shouldn’t complain.

The floor space between the vanity and the toilet in this tiny room is an odd dimension….almost a perfect 3 foot square.

This makes finding a rug for the space difficult!  There aren’t a lot of square bathroom rugs out there.

I found one at Target….but the colors aren’t right…..

This one from the Company Store is okay….but it is $28….and looks a little too “bathroomy” for a main floor powder room.

1 Hour Rug Project!

I could have gone to the fabric store and found a piece of upholstery to make a new rug out of upholstery fabric!

Here is a link to a tutorial for doing just that!

But….shhh….don’t tell Mr. S…..I really want to do some major stuff in this little room before we have the floors refinished in the fall….and I don’t know what the color scheme will be….and I don’t want to make a rug I love, love, love only to have it not fit that scheme….

Enter the “Use What I Have” Philosophy!
I had an old rug that is a nondescript sort of green plaid/check that doesn’t look too bad in the room and is sort of summery.
BUT… was way too big for the space!
It was a simple project to cut the rug to size!
Then I used some more of what I had…..some white canvas….to bind the top and bottom edge.

I simply cut a 5 inch wide strip of fabric that was the width of the rug.
Then with right sides together….sewed the strip to the rug…folded it over and stitched it on the opposite side to finish the edges.

The rug is now the perfect size!
There is one less item in the closet!
There is one less item in the fabric stash!

And…there is a rug in the powder room that will “just do” until I decide what the new decor will be!

Have A Great Day!

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