Don’t worry!  This blog hasn’t gone X-rated!
I am not talking about the books….but the shades of the color gray!
 Gray is one of my new favorite colors!
 It plays well with so many other colors!  
Gray was the obvious choice for the paint for the re-do of a little chest of drawers in the lower level.
Right now the carpet down there is dark navy blue (what was I thinking….as the owner of 2 white haired cats)!  We are contemplating new carpet for down there….it might be gray or maybe I will have a new  favorite color by the time we get around to that project! 
The other reason that gray was the obvious color choice has to do with “Use What You Have”!
There was almost a whole quart of lovely, shiny gray paint left over from the garage door painting project!
Look how shiny and bright that is!
I won’t bore you with the process of painting a piece of furniture… are bright people….you can GOOGLE IT if you need to!
It was a simple matter of a good sanding to even out the years of dents and gouges…..
Then 3 coats of paint…..with a light sanding in between.
The paint I used was Rust-O-Lem oil based….again…because I originally bought it for the metal garage door.  
The oil based paint is kind of a pain to work with, but it does have the best shiny finish!
These pictures don’t really show the actual color very well….but I really like the way it turned out!

Take a look at this “inspiration piece” !

Seriously…..who would EVER pay $2335 for a chest of drawers….PEOPLE…there are starving children in the world !

I don’t have to feel guilty about my cute little gray chest….total cost was the $16 I spent on the new drawer pulls!

There is still some gray paint leftover in the can…..HMMMMMM?

Have a Wonderful Day!

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