It’s time for Part Two of the Kate Spade inspired mini-redo of the guest bedroom.
Yesterday was all about pink polka dots!
Today….it is all about green and white stripes!

 You have to admit that these two prints are iconically Kate Spade!
This is the green and white fabric that I found for accents in the room.
I did want a little brighter green more like the color on the Kate Spade bag….
BUT….when you find something this close to the inspiration and it only costs $.90 a yard…
YES…$.90 a yard…
There was really no question about the purchase!
I liked the idea of an upholstered ottoman to sit in front of the love seat!
This little bench turned ottoman is the perfect size!

It was a piano bench that was a thrift store find.

I painted the base white and added some padding before covering it with fabric that coordinated with the decor in another room.

Now it will be perfect with the new green stripes.

I wanted to keep the project simple and also make the new cover removable.  It is important to have the cover washable….just in case!

The old upholstery was stapled to the bottom of the ottoman.

The new cover will really be a slipcover.

I started by cutting a generous piece of fabric that goes about 6 inches down from the top.

This will leave enough fabric to turn up as a hem.

I placed the fabric wrong side up on the ottoman.

Then I pinned a mitered on each of the  four corners.

These mitered corners got stitched.

The stripes in the fabric made it easy to get a nice straight seam.

Once the stitching was done, I checked for fit.

Then it was just a simple matter of pinning up the bottom for a simple hem.

I decided to use iron on fusible stitch witchery hem tape to secure the hem.
I didn’t want any stitches to show and was afraid that even hand stitching might show.

The finished project!
And if by chance some little Grandboy gets it dirty….it comes off and can be washed!
This slipcover technique is one I used for the large ottoman in the living room.
This ottoman is one that we put our feet up on and I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty!  
I am still working on some other fun Kate Spade details for the mini-redo of the bedroom.
I have more pink polka dots, more green striped fabric and some fun golden dot stickers.

 HMMMMMM……I can’t wait to show you the details!

Have a Great Day!

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