Before I talk about tools, let’s take a moment to celebrate all the great father’s out there! Since my own dad is no longer here, I will be celebrating my children’s father, but remembering mine with great fondness.

My Dad and me a very long time ago!
Like Father, Like Son!

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.  ~Gloria Naylor

A trip to New York….see the Twin Towers…!

 Now about those power tools.  Manicured nails or not, I have my own power tools and know how to use them!  Getting over the fear of using power tools has made such a difference with my projects.  If you don’t have any-start asking for them for gifts-way cooler than some sweater that won’t fit and that you could find cheaper at GoodWill!
Here is a list of tools that I use….and a slideshow of some of my favorite projects that I used them on.

The Essentials

  • Power Sander- Easy to use and such a time saver.  I have used it to sand down the window sills, refinish any number of pieces of furniture..the list is endless.
  • Battery Powered Drill/Screw Gun- No explanation necessary 
  • Sewing Machine – yes I consider this a power tool
 Beyond the Essentials BUT Great to Have!

  • Router-Sounds scary but it is not (other than having to wear those horribly ugly safety glasses-NOW that is SCARY).  Investing in this tool and the table to use it on has been great. John and have spent some lovely “bonding time” using this together!
  • Combo Nailer/Stapler with Compressor-I don’t know how I ever did projects with just the electric staple gun!  It is great for upholstery or woodworking projects.  My daughter borrows it all the time (hmmmm….maybe I won’t buy her a sweater for her next birthday).
  • Miter Saw-to be honest, I let my husband operate this one…not that I couldn’t do it, but hey he has to do something.  Seriously, my goal is to master this so that I can make frames.  

Check out the projects I have used my tools on:

0 comments on “Power Tools AREN’T Just For Dads!

  1. Alphonse Daigle

    My power tools are one of my most valuable possessions. They have helped me create several things that I didn’t think I was able to do. Yes, handling power tools may be a bit scary at first because there’s always an issue of safety. But with the right practice (and equipment too), it becomes one of the most satisfying hobbies that you can have.

  2. Jeanette West

    Love the title! ^^ Power tools are definitely aren’t just for dads, but they’re certainly not for the weak-willed and faint of heart. When you work with tools like these, you are bound to face a lot of failures, frustrations, and even injuries. But, it will get better as long as you keep on working on your skills one project at a time.

  3. Carl Patten

    WOW! You are certainly not a typical girl. Actually, you remind me so much of my sister. She loves to play with our dad’s set of power tools. It takes so much care and passion before you can manage to handle them. And for that, I give kudos to everyone who knows their way around them!