I am putting on my librarian hat!
I’m doing what all good librarians do….

“…. picks liberries from wild liberry bushes and makes a liberry pie. Mmmmh! Mmmmh! So delicious!”
R. Lee Hadden

No actually a librarian’s whole job is finding stuff  you just have to read or learn!

I have been doing my research just for you!

Isn’t this picture interesting?
I made it using a new FREE App for my iPad.

Read on to learn more!

 If you have an iPad and like to play with the pictures you take, this app is for you….it is FREE and pretty easy to use. 

The original photo of the sunflower looks like this:

 The hardest part of the whole deal was deciding what I wanted to do….

disclaimer….you WILL waste a lot of time playing!

Go to the Apple Store and try it!


I am a catalog junkie….
I love looking through them and I know that you all do too!
I discovered the FREE GOOGLE CATALOGS for my iPad just yesterday!
Maybe this is why I didn’t get any posting done!
Imagine…..the latest issues of a lots and lots and lots of catalogs!

Disclaimer:  More time wasting…..and you can click and order from the app….watch those fingers!


Japonizer is another fascinating little time waster that you are sure to love!
You can customize traditional Japanese textile designs and download them.

 I made these in a hurry…so simple!

Then I was reading somewhere…
About the theory of Dirty and Clean Colors….intriguing! The idea is that certain colors are clean and others are muddier and it is a mistake to  mix them in the same room.

Note to self: Bookmark stuff you are going to post about so you can give credit!

If you are the person who posted about this…make a comment so you can get some credit!

 I did some researching and found this article that explains the theory:

Two Little Words That Can Change the Life of Your Interior Design  

SO…..IF YOU GIVE A BLOGGER A LINK ABOUT COLOR…she’ll probably need to give you a tip!


 This is my Paint Fan Deck from Benjamin Moore. 

I have one from Sherwin-Williams too. 

I can’t tell you how useful they are when we are picking paint colors.

You can buy these for around 10 dollars at the store.  Well worth it!




 Here is a link I found to Benjamin Moore’s Virtual Fan Deck. 


Now it is Friday Night….I need to go have some real not virtual fun!