Let me tell you how my Monday morning has been going!

Cancelled my golf date because there is a 95% chance of heavy thunderstorms right at the time we were going to golf…rescheduled for no golf…just lunch!

Then for the REAL excitement:

I Took some great pictures of stuff for this post and then stuck the memory card in the CD Slot instead of the card slot! Arghhhh!

See….anyone could make this mistake….RIGHT?

Researched on the Internet to see if anyone else has ever done anything soooo stupid….and YES there are many other stupid people who have done this!
Tried the credit card retrieval…no luck!
Tried the paperclip retrieval….no luck!
Tried the unplug and turn computer on it’s side and shake it retrieval…..and no kidding….this actually worked. 
Bet you wish you had a video of me doing this! But hey-it was better than hauling the computer into the shop and it proves that the Internet isn’t just for playing Scrabble.

The rest of this post is a mishmash of things I have found on other blogs, some thrift and consignment stores finds and some other random stuff I thought you might like!
I am trying this recipe for homemade Limoncello that Sarah at The Famous Beach Cottage posted.

Her tutorial is great.
Here are the lemon peelings soaking in the vodka.
I am being patient….I am being patient!
Only 3 more days to go!

I feel like I have been neglecting my thrift store shopping, but I did make it to GW once last week. My eye caught this little bag in a jumble of wallets and scarves.  Authentic COACH-Whoop Whoop!

And….This La Creuset ceramic casserole/bread pan

We are redoing the window treatment on the walkout in the lower level.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted until I saw these panels at GW for $5.99.  I love the big grommets.  Found another pair at Target for $30 and now have an inexpensive solution for a big problem window. 

My son-in-law (the artist) and I are exploring a new outlet for his fabulous art.
He is painting canvas squares to make into pillows. 
I am the seamstress….here are a couple of the prototypes.
What do you think?


Erika at Thrifty and Fabulous posted a tutorial for Wine Cork Plant Markers that I just had to try.  Have to admit….writing on cork is harder than it looks.  I ended up using labels and modpodge over them.  It was easier to print on a flat surface for me.  Maybe you will have better luck writing directly on the corks….if you mess up….just drink more wine! 


The Black-Eyed Susans are blooming everywhere in the garden.  I searched the Internet to see if there was a way to condition them so they wouldn’t wilt so quickly.   I found the answer….dip the stems in boiling water, then submerge the stems in warm water for a couple of hours.  But the best thing is this link that has conditioning tips for almost any flower you can imagine.  What a great resource!

Now, my friend is coming to lunch…..no golf….but lunch will be fun.
Hope your Monday is trouble free!