It’s time for another “Use What I’ve Got Challenge”

I’ve GOT these pants hangers…had them for years….
I have tried to use them for hanging pants….but they leave creases on the pants…yuck!
I tried using them to hang scarves….but that didn’t work…..
I tried hanging my belts on them…that didn’t work for me either!
I probably should have thrown them away….but I didn’t….

 Now…. I know why I kept them….
Wait ’til you see this awesome solution for organizing ribbon!

My ribbon stash was always a BIG mess….

Whenever I needed to find the perfect ribbon for a gift or a project, I found myself digging through the box….
Making an even bigger mess….

Then I remembered that I had pinned this idea from the “Creating Keepsakes Blog”
The entire post is just filled with great organizing tips!
I could “Use the pants hangers that I’ve Got”
I could “Use one of the ideas on my Pinterest Board”

This is what my ribbon stash looks like now!
The only thing in the storage box are the short pieces that aren’t on ribbon reels!

No More Messes Now….

So…whenever I need to, I can…..
“Just put a bow on it and call it wrapped.”

If YOU don’t “GOT” any of this type of pant hanger….
It would probably work with a single pants hanger too!

I’ve GOT lots of these….and now an excuse to gather some more ribbon!
No Crease Pants Hangers

And as for pants hangers that don’t leave creases….take a look at this old post…..

I am loving how well these work….in fact I think I need to make some more….because I’ve GOT lots of pants!

Let me know what are you are “using up” this week?

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