By now you know that I am a “bit” obsessed with fabric!
Walking through the fabric warehouse is my way of finding inspiration!!!
When I watch “Project Runway”, I always laugh at how hectic the designers look….I think they have it backwards….
When I go to the fabric store, I find a fabric that “calls” to me….
THEN I figure out what to do with it!
Here is a great example of that process…..
It seems hard to believe that it was only 4 months ago that I was worrying about how to make the lower level family room a cool summertime haven!

The crisp blue and white….
the nautical theme….

Nice….but not in keeping with the change in season!

It was kinda bugging me…..but not enough to do anything about it!
To quote Mr. S….. “It’s just fine, what’s wrong with it?”
So I stopped worrying about it… least until I went to the fabric store!!!
See where this is heading?

Long ago….I bought a sofa from a consignment store…I slip covered it in this great red floral print!
This is a photo of our old cat Dave….relaxing on the couch!!  But you get the idea of the fabric!
 I always loved that fabric and it was sad when it faded and needed to be replaced…but such is life!

Life goes on…..
New cat….
Different fabric on the same couch….

But I haven’t forgotten the “old cat”….


the “old fabric”

Then “I went to the fabric store”……


Look what I found!!!!
The updated version of that well loved fabric….

AND….the perfect solution for the much needed seasonal change in the family room!

 5 yards of the fabric only set me back $35!  

Making pillow shams for the big back cushions on the couch was a simple and quick hour’s worth of work!

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that these pillows which are covered in the same print chenille that I used to upholster the game table chairs with look nice with the new print.

I am always amazed at the way prints can be mixed if the color wave is the same….and the reds in these two fabrics coordinate nicely.

Last…..but not least…..I used my NO SEW BOX CUSHION technique to freshen up the window seat.  If I let you see….and I won’t…you would notice that I haven’t even finished the hand stitching on one of the cushions….just pins for now….

The blue summery fabric came off one of the ottomans….revealing more warm red….

Changing out the mantel….from nautical to woodsy was inspired by
the antlers scavenged from Mr. S’s workroom!

They were gathering dust hanging from the ceiling just waiting to become “trendy” accessories!!!  Who knew???

There are some more things that need doing…..that will be a project for another day!

But now….it is time to stoke the fire….the couch is calling to me to curl up under the blankets and watch some FOOTBALL!  Go Vikings!

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