Oooh…I wasn’t going to complain about the weather!  But REALLY….it is either way way below zero or snowing at Sweetwater!  Seriously….school has been cancelled for COLD 3 days in January….and the rumor is that on Monday there is a chance we will make it 4 days!

Before I get to the Wall Art project, I thought you might enjoy this little parody that was posted on Facebook by an alum of our school!  The time stamp on it means that she whipped this up in less than 15 minutes!!!  Guess we are pretty good educators….and her talent is amazing.  Enjoy!

“The Night Before Finals”

Twas the night before day two of finals, when all through the town
The high-schoolers were studying, not making a sound.
The Facebook chat bar was absent of dots of green,
Since one must prioritize when one is a teen.

Their younger siblings watched them, filled with fears,
For that would be them in a few short years.
Then mamma dragged the kids away and put them in bed,
because her normally sane teen is not currently right in the head

When out in the kitchen I heard the telephone ring
I sprang from my seat to go answer the thing.
Away from my desk (dungeon) I flew like a flash
And into the kitchen I promptly dashed

I heard on the phone a voice familiar to me
The automated voice message system of the city of SLP
The computer-lady then said a phrase that relieved all my sorrow:
“For grades K thru 12 there is no school tomorrow”

Upon realizing the meaning of her words, I released all my dread
I was so sleep deprived, I could soon rest my poor head
More rapid than eagles the Facebook posts came,
And they all whistled and shouted and I did the same!

Now on to the project!
This bright happy fabric called out to me from the sale bin!
It is a nice outdoor canvas weight.
Perfect to create a splash of color for the wall.
I had a plain wooden stretcher frame in my stash of stuff.
I had some quilt batting.
I have a glue gun.

It was simple enough to wrap the batting around the stretcher and glue it down.
The corners were mitered and the edges were trimmed!
I used the staple gun to attach the fabric to the frame.

You know the drill….put one staple in the middle of each side….stretching it tight…
Staple the mitered corners tight…
Then go around and secure the fabric tightly all around! 
The whole project was finished in 20 minutes…..
less the time it took for the little “drama” 
of needing  Mr. S to pry out the stuck staple in the staple gun!

 A little Winter time cheer for the Laundry Room Wall!

Here are a couple of wrapped fabric wall pieces from the past….

Lots of impact for very little effort and money…

and what I really love is that they are so easy to switch out when you want a change….and I always seem to want to change….

Have A Wonderful Weekend!