It is necessary that we have an “Open Door Policy” here at Sweetwater!

The reason?

Marvin and Max have “issues” with any door that is closed!!!

That means almost every door in our house needs a doorstop!

There are lots of options for door stops out there!
I have always loved the Ballard Design rope knot, but never could figure out how to do a knock-off!

The favorite way to prop open the doors around here are fabric covered bricks!
They work well…
The heavy brick keeps the door open and the fabric cover keeps from won’t scratching the floor.
And Lord knows there is lots of fabric to be found at Sweetwater!
This example has seen better days!
It really needed tan update!
I finally got around to it yesterday.
I thought you might like a little tutorial of the process.
I took the old fabric and fiberfill off the old one….so I could start with a “blank slate” or brick in this case.
Wrap a piece of batting around the brick the long way. Hot glue the edge to keep it tight.
Wrap another piece of batting around the other side so that the entire brick has a cushion.
I decided to use burlap for this one….and the “technique” is to just wrap it like a gift!
Use the iron to make good creases so the folds lie nice and flat.
Again….everything is attached with hot glue!
I was just going to tie a ribbon around this and call it a day…..
Then I remembered that I had some leftover pieces of the “french print” burlap from a project I did this Spring.
I cut a piece of this that was twice as wide as the brick and long enough to go around the long way.
The edges were turn in and press to make a a neatly finished strip.
The strip is glued around the brick…
Now….it was ready for the black grosgrain ribbon bow!

10 Minutes and Done!
Now….whether the door needs to be wide open…..
Or just propped open….
Marvin and Maxine can get to their litter box downstairs….
And it looks pretty too!
BTW….I found this wooden door stop in my image search….
I bet Mr. S and I could figure out how to make one of these…
We do have a router….but it will have to wait until the garage temp is ABOVE 0 degrees!
Have A Great Day….
Stay Warm….