In this post I really will show you how to use your ink jet printer to make custom pillows. I will show you how to use muslin or canvas to make your own sheets of fabric to print on.  BUT….first I need to inject a public service announcement about the wonderfulness that can be found at your public library!
This is yet another reason to love your public library.

Did you know that you can check out digital versions of many popular magazines from your library?


Just hop on your library website and do a search for Zinio.  If your library supports Zinio then you can browse the collection of magazines just like magic…..a few seconds later you can read them on your phone, ipad or computer.  Follow this link to find out the specifics!

I used Zinio to check out the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living. (yes….you can read the newest issues of magazines)
I read an article, “Picture This”, about using digital photographs in interesting ways.

 Oh, that is another cool thing about reading an emagazine… can take screen shots of the stuff you want to save!

 The ideas in the article were an inspiration for a couple of pillows I wanted to make.

I knew there were some different specialty printer papers in the cupboard…..hmmm….actually I have a LOT of different papers…

some for t-shirts
some plastic decal sheets
some post-it paper

then….aha….some canvas print “paper”!

First I made a pillow from a fun vintage print I found on the internet!

It was a simple matter of printing it out and appliquing it to a square of canvas for the front of the pillow.

 Then I used this pillow sham technique to make a simple slip on pillow.

 I needed to find a personal graduation gift for a favorite young woman. 
A pillow with a quote from Dr. Seuss was the perfect solution.

I used the digital scrapbooking program called My Memories Suite to design the image I wanted to print.

I used pink thread for the applique stitch on the edge.

The whole process took about an hour! 
The result was kind of special….for a very special person!

I still had some ideas for making more pillows….but I had used up the “store bought”canvas.  I guess I could buy some more.  You can purchase ink jet canvas at a cost of about $1.70 a sheet!   But you know me….I am always looking for a thriftier way to “DO STUFF”.

 One of the staples in the “fabric stash” is plain canvas….which is about $5 a yard!
Here is how to make your own Inkjet Canvas!

Start by cutting an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of canvas.

Then cut an 8 1/2 x  12 piece of regular old freezer paper.

The freezer paper has a “plastic side” and a “paper side”,

Put the canvas on the “plastic side” and use your iron to melt the two sides together.

 The extra inch on the top gets folded down over the top edge of the canvas.

This smooth edge lets the printer “accept” the cloth and run smoothly during the printing process.

I used the My Memories Suite to design an image from our Asian trip.

Then into the printer went the freezer paper backed canvas.

It is important to tell the printer that the paper is thick.
For my printer that means using the “Glossy Photo” option.

 I always have a hard time waiting for the project to print….

Patience is NOT one of my strong suits!


The canvas texture give the photo a really nice look.

The freezer paper pulls easily off the canvas.

Now you have a piece of fabric with the printed image on it.

Now it is just a matter of getting down to business and creating the pillow.
It will be a lasting reminder of our trip….and it won’t be necessary to sit at the computer to look at the picture!

Hmmmm…..what else could I make?
Check out these ideas from the Martha Stewart Living Website. 

This pillow with a collage look would be fun to try!

The little thumb tacks and magnets are made with bottle caps….Mr. S will just have to drink a beer or two or three so that I have the necessary supplies!

I am off to look through more photos!
Have A Wonderful Day!

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